Hello world!

So we just set this blog up today.  We decided we wanted to keep up with everyone a little better than we were and so here is our blog.  If you are reading this, you’re probably related to us.  You already know all the introductory things I could say so I’ll just go ahead and start talking about what’s going on in our lives.

We are working on starting up some arts and crafts things.  Lauren paints, I fix pipes, we both want to learn to do other things like make furniture and prints and then we are scheming that maybe we can sell some of these things online or at flea markets (Canton, http://firstmondaycanton.com/Default.aspx).  I think we may go later today and find some stuff to use my new soldering iron with.  There is a place in Terrell that sells tidbits for cheap and we discovered that if you solder together a few bits of antique things and put it on a silver chain you can charge about $75 for it.  We are also thinking of trying to clean out the storage room at Lauren’s parents’ and use it as some studio space.

In other bird-related news I discovered that what makes blue a rare parakeet is that he is a dominant pied greywing yellowface type II parakeet.  He was in the cage labeled rare parakeet at petsmart and now we know.  He is the bird equivalent of a red haired blue eyed kid popping up in a brown haired brown eyed family.

That was Will. If you didn’t know already, we’ve had two parakeets for about 2 months. After birdsitting the class pets in my classroom, we decided we really liked birds! Our apartment doesn’t allow dogs or cats and we’ve really been wanting a pet so… there ya go. Anyway, we are hoping to update somewhat frequently. Hopefully this will help us keep in better contact with everyone.

Happy New Year!

Here is a recent photo from Christmas:



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6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. so glad to see this.
    miss you guys!

  2. So glad you guys have a blog! I added you to my blog roll thingy ^_^

  3. katharine

    write another post. i’m tired of checking your blog and seeing the same thing every time.

  4. katharine

    write another post. i’m tired of checking your blog and seeing the same thing everytime. love you guys.

  5. Lauren!!! I was browsing facebook and this note was in my “news” or whatever you call it. I’m adding you to my blogspot!

    I decided to update my OLD blog the other day! Just got in the mood again…maybe I miss xanga?! hahaha.

    probably not.

    Anyway, I hope teaching is going great for you!!!

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