church, school and martin luther king day

Hello everyone!

So tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day and Will and I are celebrating by going to Tyler for the night and hiking in the morning– yay! We have been wanting to go on a little trip for awhile so we’re really excited. We’re really looking forward to nature and quietness. Dallas is fun and we like it, but it’s really nice to get out and not hear sirens all the time.

In other update news– we just officially moved churches. We were going to Mercy Place and really love the church but just weren’t sure if that was where we were supposed to be. So through lots of talking and some prayer, we started visiting Lake Pointe before the holidays and then decided to make the committment! So Will became a member a couple weeks ago (I’m a member still) and we just started going to a life group that we really like and think we’re going to be a part of.

Also I taught my first lesson at school this past week, yay. It was really exciting. Will is starting to apply to seminaries since he got his GRE scores back and he’s been applying to some other jobs too.

AND….. we are both going to start taking music lessons again. My uncle Greg is going to teach Will guitar and I’m going to relearn piano from the music teacher where I work.

We’ve both been reading a lot– if you haven’t read “The Same Kind of Different As Me”- you should make that a goal soon. There’s a follow up book called “What Difference Do It Make” and we just started reading that one. They’re about some really cool people in Fort Worth– true story!

We are about to leave for Tyler, we’re at my parents house getting ready!

Hope everyone is doing well!

This is Will.  I have been working on applying for jobs and grad schools.  I am going to start out slow and probably work online for a while and then move up to the real deal after a year or two.  I have been looking hard at schools and so far Denver and Fuller have been really standing out.  We love Colorado and the people around there and Craig Blomberg is a good professor.  I have been looking to buy and restore a few more pipes and have been trying to think of new woodworking projects now that my hands are feeling better.  I went to an antique store closing while Lauren was in school last week and saw some cool things.  There was a pipe cabinet made of wood from queen Victoria’s yacht.  It was outside of my price range so we got a cool mirror and some storage tins instead.  It was a great deal.  Sorry this is so short but we’re getting ready to head out so I’m going to go.  Thanks for reading.

-Will and Lauren


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