Here are some pictures of things Will and I have been working on. The first couple of pictures are of a painting I did this weekend (thanks to Will’s encouragement). The second pictures are of an antique box Will found and polished up (they are before and after pictures). This painting is the first that I’ve been really excited about, I’m glad it turned out okay! 

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Hey, this is Will.  I’m just going to do a quick update of things.  I’m looking for a new job, anyone with any connections in Dallas or Rockwall or Mesquite or Garland or Rowlett, I’ll work anywhere in those towns or around them…  If you don’t have any connections in those towns, I appreciate your concern and any prayers you can remember to say for me, I understand if you forget, I’m the same way.  I won’t be offended.  In other news, I bought some pipes on ebay this morning and will be restoring them pretty soon so anyone looking for a pipe or a pipe rack (it comes with one of those too) I’ll have some to sell/trade/give as presents rather than buy you something soon.  I’ll keep you updated with before and after pictures when the time comes.  That’s it other than just that we’ve been having fun and growing a lot at church and that’s been a real blessing.  We like our community that is growing there and are excited to see how God will use us.  Lauren starts piano lessons this week and I’m hoping to start guitar lessons.  That’s the news.  Thanks for reading,




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  1. mary

    The semi-abstract painting and the blues and greens are very soothing. Will’s refinishing looks really good as well…your creative juices are flowing!

  2. mary

    One more idea…maybe Will could put the link to this blog on his facebook and more people will have access to it, and be aware of his job search, and other connections. Just a thought!

  3. I love your painting! haha, you should try Artist Trading Cards – I really enjoy trading them with people ^_^ I’m glad you guys are doing well 🙂

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