Snow day, music lessons and more!

Hello everyone, 

Sorry it has been so long since we last updated! Here are some recent pictures of all the snow that came to Dallas last weekend!

So, we got to play in the snow a little bit and I had a really long 4 day weekend which was nice. The flower pictures are from my birthday– at the school where I work, it’s custom for the kids to bring a flower to the teacher on birthdays so I got a beautiful mixture of different kinds of flowers! It was a nice birthday at school and then that night we went to Brandon and Vonda’s for dinner with my parents– it was great to be with everyone. Then the last picture is Will playing his new guitar! We found it on sale and so it was pretty exciting. He’s been practicing and has his second lesson this weekend. 

Since we last updated, Will had a job interview this past week at a local coffee shop near my work. The interview went really well and we should find out in the next couple weeks. Also a friend at school has been talking to Will and I about helping out with the youth ministry at the church and being a part of that church as well. At first we weren’t really interested because we decided to go to Lake Pointe, but now we’re not sure since Will had an interview right next to my school. If he gets that job, then we will probably move to that area (Lake Highlands) this summer when our lease ends. If we worked at that church it would make so much sense– rather than driving to Rockwall twice a week (which has been challenging during the week). So– we’re praying about that and looking forward to how it all works out. 

I’ve been taking piano lessons and it’s gone really well. My music teacher wants me to practice to where I feel comfortable playing at chapel sometimes– so that’s kind of exciting and a little scary. 

As for reading, I finally started reading another book. It was really hard to want to read anything else after “Same Kind..” because those books were so good! I felt like I knew the authors and I wasn’t ready to read anything else for a while. Finally, though, last weekend at church I was in the bookstore and spotted my friend Mary DeMuth’s newest book. This is her spiritual memoir titled “Thin Places”. I just finished it yesterday and it’s really, really good. 

That’s all I have to say, here is Will!


This is Will.  I got a guitar, a job interview and have been doing pretty well.  I’m very ready for a new job, I am trying to have a less complaining outlook so I won’t talk about tons of reasons why but just suffice it to say there are tons of reasons for new job time.  I may also have a job through Lauren’s friend Mary DeMuth (the writer)’s husband, who is friends with the owners of a pipe and cigar shop and so that’s an exciting possibility, but I haven’t heard anything about it for sure yet.  I have been applying to Denver seminary and it’s been going well, I’m really close to finishing.  That’s pretty much all that’s been going on in my life, hope everyone is doing fine.


P.S. Rearranged our apartment, you can see it a little in the background of the guitar picture.  It’s more spacious and bright.  It all happened because we started wanting to re-arrange the living room and ended up re-arranging all the rooms except the kitchen and the bathroom, though they got a few little changes as well.  It’s a nice change and it feels so much more open.



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2 responses to “Snow day, music lessons and more!

  1. KristyB

    I just found your blog! Glad to see it – can’t wait to read more updates.

  2. KristyB

    oh – and you can check out the kiddos at if you want to see how incredibly fast they are growing up!

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