short update

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update. Not too much new going on this week! I have been sick on and off since November with cold-like symptoms. I missed a day of work Friday and went to the doctor on Saturday finally since I wasn’t getting better. The doctor said I haid a chronic sinus infection and possibly mono– so I got medicine (yay) and my blood taken just to make sure I don’t have mono. I’m so glad I finally went to the doctor because I don’t know if I would have gotten better. Anyways, we retreated to my parents house this weekend so I could rest and that has been nice. We went to church with them last night at my dad’s church in Garland and that was good too. Just one more week till spring break! We are going to Kansas to visit my grandparents and then Missouri to visit Will’s brother Chase and wife Katie. We’re really excited to take a trip and get away for a little while. That’s about all the news we’ve got. I’m so excited about finally getting better though and being able to be normal again… it has been so long.


This is Will.  I am looking for jobs and applying to seminary still.  That is pretty much unchanged.  I haven’t heard back from White Rock and I have a potential lead at a pipe shop in Rockwall.  My friend knows the owner and said he would introduce me.  I do restorations a bit and the guy they have now is out of state and with shipping costs $40.  I could half their price and still be getting $15 or so a pipe.  That’d sure be nice to do something I enjoy and get paid for it.  Things other than that are great, just reading books and praying a lot more and that’s about all that’s going on with us.  We love and miss everyone, hope things are going well and we hope to see you soon.



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  1. Whoa! I didn’t know you guys are swinging by here to visit! I’m so excited! You are always welcome, of course! Maybe if the timing is right, we can take a mini-trip to St. Charles. They have a cute little downtown area with lots of kitchen stores and a little pipe shop ^_^ Feel better soon, Lauren. That happened to me last year…the cold of doom that wouldn’t leave!

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