spring break

Will and I just got back from our Spring Break trip. It was really fun. We went to Kansas first to see my grandparents and then we went to Missouri to visit Chase and Katie. On the way to Kansas, we stayed one night in Oklahoma City and that was pretty fun. We got an education on the many casino’s driving through Oklahoma. While in Kansas, we played lots of cards, read books, ate wonderful food and had a lot of fun with my grandparents. One day we went to the community center where they live and saw “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne– it was really good. My grandma made us all kinds of desserts that we had every night with coffee. Then in Missouri we had fun hanging out a little bit with Chase and Katie at night. It was good to see their life and the campus. We decided to drive in one day back to Texas on Friday, which is really good because I think we may have got stuck in snow if we stayed in Oklahoma for a night. It’s really good to be home. Then this morning when we woke up, we were shocked to see snow!! In March! Crazy. Here’s Will.

Hey, we went to Kansas and Missouri and had a lot of fun hanging out with Bob and Opal in Kansas and Chase and Katie in Missouri.  We read a lot and saw a variety of midwestern towns.  Kansas City seemed like a really cool place with a lot of soul and history, and we had a lot of fun going through the backroads of Oklahoma and hearing the locals talk at the gas station about their dogs in Coalgate.  It was a new experience, for sure.  We looked at antiques in Paxico and Jenks and didn’t find anything in our price and interest range so we just looked.  We drove a lot.  A lot.  It was great, though, both of us were experiencing new areas and enjoying time with family.  We had fun playing cards and watching movies and reading and eating dessert with Bob and Opal (6 desserts in our short stay).  At Chase and Katie’s we got to hang out and talk and watch Best in Show and they showed us around town a little.  It was a good stay there but we were out of quarters so we couldn’t park anywhere in the historic downtown!  We drove around and sightsaw but just from the car.  I hope we get to go back sometime when it’s not so busy with classes and things and when we’ve got more than a week off to go visit.    Sorry that’s so jumbled, I just wrote as I thought of things so they came out a little confused.  We had a good time and it’s good we came back when we did, we almost got snowed in in Oklahoma.  As it is we just got snowed in in Poetry, so that’s not so bad.  Snow in Texas in mid March, who’d have guessed?  Well, we had fun on the trip and fun in the snow and the only thing that dampened it a little bit was having to come home before we would have liked.  We will definitely come back up and visit over the summer, though.  I’m sure of it.  This time we’ll be prepared and not have to pay 75 cent tolls with checks and drive the backroads of Oklahoma (we went through Wetumka, Weeletka and Coalgate on our way home, each of which has a population of 1000-2000, and these were the big cities we saw)…  Anyway, that’s about all that’s been going on lately.  I’ve lost some callouses this week that were building up from my guitar playing, but that’s ok, I’ll get them back alright.  That’s really all I’ve got to say.  I’m just kind of meandering here so sorry you read all this.



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