Hello friends and family,

Wow… what a crazy month.

Will has been accepted to Denver Seminary. We joined Lakepointe Church (firewheel), I had 2 weekends of school and Will finished up his last week at the coffee shop this week. Everything is going well, and I’m really looking forward to summer. Will is really looking forward to school and getting started in his next job. We are also applying to a ministry called Apartment Life/ Cares which is a 2 year commitment to serve in a specific apartment community and live there– so we’ll see. Our apartment lease is up in June/July ish so if this works out then maybe we will begin this ministry soon. If it doesn’t work out, we will still be moving to a new home in a couple months so that is exciting. We’ve really enjoyed our time downtown but look forward to the next place.


This is Will.  It has been an extremely crazy month as Lauren has said.  I put in my two-weeks notice, started another job, decided it wasn’t for me after a few days and quitting there, too.  I have now been unemployed for four days (though I’m not sure if I feel like counting the weekend, it feels like I’ve only been unemployed two)…  If you want to pray for us I feel like it’s more a matter of praying that we don’t get scared and/or depressed rather than of us finding a new job.  I have been looking anywhere I can think of, libraries, city halls, Mardell’s, coffee shops, Lowe’s, Best Buy, schools (private and public), government jobs, every job site I can find I have been on it for the last two days.  The best thing I’ve found so far, however, has been something to lighten my mood a good bit.  It’s a little thing called Axe Cop.  It’s written by a five year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother (and I thought 8 years was a big gap) and it is full of the imagination and logic of a five year old. go here.  You won’t regret it.  When I was praying about quitting my other job James 1 came to mind very clearly, the part in vv. 2-5 or so about rejoicing in trials because they produce perseverance.  I have been trying to remember that for the last few days, it’s been really encouraging.  Thanks for reading, we’re going to go hang out before getting ready for bed.  Hope everyone is doing well.



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  1. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Opal

    We are praying for you. We are having a fun time with your mother!
    It has been raining hard but hope it will stop before her plane leaves.
    My desserts are still in the freezer, she won’t eat any!
    Grandpa Bob and Grandma Opal

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