Marcel and the Window

These are a lot of pictures of Marcel and the window… but he was so cute. We opened our doors tonight because it was about to rain so it was really windy and nice. Anyways, we haven’t really opened them yet in the past week (because it’s been so hot) since we’ve had Marcel and he’s getting to where he’s not so afraid of outside anymore. It was adorable though because he just stayed by the doors as long as we had them open… and so did we!

Also we had our longest dog walk tonight as well. We walked a few blocks to the nearest leash free dog park and Marcel got to run around. It was about to rain actually though so we couldn’t stay more than like 20 minutes, but now that we know how close it is, we’ll be back often I’m sure.

Other than that, things are about to pick up with Will starting school at the end of August and I’m going back to work next Tuesday. I think we’re kind of just ready to get back in a regular routine. Also, while summer is nice and bright, we are so looking forward to fall!

So… we hope to put up some of our Colorado pictures soon and maybe some other summer pictures. We’re really liking our new neighborhood and we’ve been trying out some restaurants around here with friends and family.

More soon…

Will and Lauren



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2 responses to “Marcel and the Window

  1. johnlogan

    Geez! I wish I would’ve known that you two had this before! I’m really excited for you two going to Denver (if that’s still the plan; if not, you guys make things wonderful where ever you are). Much love and luck! johnlogan.

  2. Soooo cute! I’m so glad he’s working out well!

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