Here are Madeline and Marcel snuggling on the way home from Arkansas. I will post more pictures soon! Madeline is doing well. She is really sweet, but is also a bit feisty with Marcel. Marcel likes to play with her and she plays with him sometimes. Other times though, when they’re playing tug of war and she wins.. she’ll run off with the toy and then when Marcel tries to get it back, she growls and shows her teeth. So.. we’re not really sure what to do about that. We understand that she’s probably had to be a bit tough when she was in the lab with the other dogs that were bigger… so we’ll see. Then another issue we’re having is sharing rawhide. We’ll give both of them a rawhide and Marcel will want hers too.. or he just doesn’t want her to have one. Anyway, so he’ll bark at her… forever and we can’t get him to stop barking. So now we have just put the rawhide away. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Other than that, we’re trying to potty train her… we’ve had lots of success and we’ve had some accidents. We’re working on crate training her. We didn’t really have to train Marcel so we’re new at this.

We’re loving Madeline though, she is great! She and Marcel do play together at times, and that’s fun too.

More updates soon, we have internet now!



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