New pictures of Marcel and Madeline

Today was a good play day for Marcel and Madeline, I think she is starting to realize that he isn’t trying to steal her toys and she started learning that his favorite game is chase.  We also found out that our neighbors either don’t care (Carolyn) or can’t hear through the brick wall (other guy whose name we don’t know) so the dogs are still being encouraged to stop barking but I don’t feel as bad when they do.  Lauren is off of school again tomorrow and I have the day off as well so we are going to hang out and rest and paint (we means she in this case) and do homework (me) and eat waffles.  I hope everyone is having a good day and we will try to catch everyone up on summer and fall sometime soon.





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2 responses to “New pictures of Marcel and Madeline

  1. feryal

    Lauren, they’re sooooo cute in their little coats!!! Madeline’s like half the size of Marcel!

  2. Beth

    Madeline is really stylin’ in the scarf and belt. That cracks me up you two! I love the picture of Will trying to stay warm and protect the puppy from the terrible cold wind. We sure are enjoying you two having internet again. YEAH!!!!

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