We received 5 inches of snow this morning! Will still had to go into work, but he’s learning pretty well to drive on ice and snow now. This has been my 4th day off and my Saturday class was canceled tomorrow as well! I’ve been painting, playing with the dogs and cleaning our apartment. Also I’ve started researching schools in Denver and submitting my resume a little bit. Today Marcel was so excited about the snow. Madeline was a little cold, so I haven’t taken her out as much. Marcel and I went for a couple of jogs though and it was so fun.

snow on his face! Will was doing his homework and Madeline came and sat on him. Haha. I heard him say, “Madeline this isn’t the best time!”




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3 responses to “snow!

  1. Mary

    Ha ha, the picture of both dogs standing up by the window looking out is so cute, and funny! Maybe Madeline needs a warmer coat, I think Lexee does. However, we probably won’t have any more weather like this, I hope!

  2. Aw! You guys stay warm ^_^ Enjoy your time off šŸ™‚

  3. Beth

    I love the one of Will laying in the kitchen with Madeline on his middle and Marcel with the snow on his nose. Those dogs are so cute and so personable. I want one! (not right now, I know : ( I’ve got plenty.)

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