Quick Update


Here is a quick update. For those of you that don’t know, Will and I are moving to Colorado this summer. Will has been taking online classes through Denver Seminary this past year and now we’re moving up there for him go to school in person. I got a Montessori teacher position at a school in Denver and I’m really excited/nervous about that!

Lately, we have just both been doing school, work and a little bit else. We’re both really ready for the school year to be over with. I’ll be finished with my Montessori training this summer, and I’m really ready for all my projects and homework to be finished.

Just this past weekend we decided that we will be moving our things up to Colorado the 2nd week of June. My family actually has been planning on having a family reunion in Estes Park for the past year, so my parents are going to help Will and  uhaul our things a couple days before the reunion. Then after the reunion, we will have two weeks in our new place to get used to everything and settle in our new home. Then we’ll go back to Dallas for 2 weeks for a class I have for school, then when we come back to Littleton after that, I start work! We still are hoping to find a small rental house near Will’s school, but if not then we found some apartments in the historic Littleton area that are in our price range, in a really neat area and right next door to a park (for the dogs) and also they’re close to Will’s school. We can’t believe we only have 7 weeks left in our Dallas apartment! We are really going to miss friends and favorite places around here, but I’m glad my family will still be here so we can come back and visit.

We have a Bible study here in our apartment with several neighbors/friends and that has been a really big blessing. I think this Bible study has been probably our most “church” we’ve had since we’ve moved here.

Other than that, Will has a new project he’s started working on today. We went to IKEA and found some really neat platform beds that we liked and so Will is going to make one this week instead! Hopefully one of us will remember to put pictures up! This past weekend was the first Deep Ellum Outdoor Market since November, and it was really great. We found a couple of things. Also we tried out a new Italian restaurant called Canne Rosso. Yum. Also we had free tickets to the movies so we chose to see “Jane Eyre”– really good. We really like the main actress from Alice in Wonderland.

Well, that’s about it! We are so excited to go to Arkansas this weekend for Easter!

Oh and also we groomed Marcel and Madeline tonight with a new grooming tool we got– they look so cute!


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