weekend of blessings

So, we have had some good news this weekend.

1.) On Friday as I was leaving school, my director asked me to come in for a minute. She said that the school board had talked about it and they decided that they didn’t want me to pay back my school training! Wow. That was a lot of money. What an amazing gift.

2.) We think we found a place to live in Littleton. We found a little house in the historic downtown Littleton area, we talked to the owner and everything is moving forward. He sent us pictures tonight and he’s really interested in us being his new tenants. The great thing about this house is that it has a backyard, with a doggie door already, in a safe neighborhood in walking distance to downtown and about a 10 minute bike ride from Will’s school! Oh and it’s 2 bedrooms so now we’ll have an office/guest room.

We are so thankful to God. It’s really amazing when God clearly directs you to a place and affirms your moving there.

Only 5 more weeks!

Also my sister in laws baby shower was this weekend and it went really well! It was a really great time and she and my brother were blessed with tons of gifts for the baby!

That’s all i’ve got! Maybe we’ll put pictures up of the house after we sign the lease. Oh, and if anyone comes to Colorado, make sure and give us a call if you’re in the Denver area!


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  1. Grandma Opal

    Great news! We are excited for you.

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