Almost done.

Welp, we are moving for Colorado in just 2 weeks and 2 days. Will has started packing up this week and making piles of keep, sell and send to my parents house. We are going to try and have a little “loft sale” this Saturday morning. We decided that paying $700 for a uhaul wasn’t worth it, so instead we are going to just take what we need plus a few pieces of furniture in my brother’s truck and then try to sell or give away the rest.

This week we have just started tying up loose ends with bills, school and other things. I think we’re both really ready to move.

Tomorrow we will have our last Bible Study– except we’ll just hang out and have pizza.

Here is a funny picture from last night! We had a tornado warning- a couple of sirens went off at different times actually. So, we kept calling our neighbor to find out where the tornado was (she has tv) etc. Anyway, so our plan was to go downstairs and “take cover” under the stairwell if a tornado came. We had the dogs ready to go and we were sitting by the door, waiting for Carolyn to call us when all of a sudden the lights went out, so Will was like “okay let’s go”. We go downstairs, and Will has tea light candles and sets them along the stairs then we sit underneath the stairwell. A few minutes later the lights come back on and we hear one of our neighbors coming downstairs with his dog (who walks their dog in the pouring rain anyway?!). So we’re like “hey”.. because we don’t want to scare him. Anyway, he’s like “oh wow… now I have a new emergency plan- this is a great place to go for a tornado!” We felt a little silly. So then we go back upstairs and the sirens go off again, so I just take a comforter and sit in the bathtub with the dogs and my bible study. Ha! Meanwhile, Will goes and opens the doors to see if he can see a tornado!


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  1. Mary

    Ha ha. I remember years ago when you used to get your cat and a pillow and a blanket and stay in the bathtub for a really long time whenever we had severe weather! Funny picture. Marcel and Madeline don’t looked at all concerned. 🙂

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