Pictures of the move and Estes

Here are some pictures from our move, and then our trip to Estes. There are a lot of pictures, so you can click on the first and just go through the slideshow or you can click on individual ones.



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3 responses to “Pictures of the move and Estes

  1. What a beautiful place to live! Chase and I are going to have to visit you for sure ^_^ Maybe after graduation.

  2. Bob and Opal Phillips

    Grandmother and Grandpa Phillips
    Thanks for sending the pictures, they were very good. Starting a new chapter in your life is exciting. We think with persistence and hard work you will both be quite successful. Most of all we wish you happiness and contentment in the days ahead.

  3. meem

    you all have on coats! you have SNOW! you are cool! i mean, real cool! it was 100 here again yesterday! really, i think it looks like a postcard for wonderland, so beautiful. i remember years ago when aunt j. went to colorado and fell in love with it — this may be the natural response to such beauty. am so thrilled for you all! God bless your new home, your time off, your dedication and just everything! love you so!

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