house and hike

Here are some pictures of what our house looks like inside, our backyard, cellar and front yard. Will has been working really hard in the back and front yards cutting down dead tree limbs and things like that. We’re even thinking about planting a new tree and maybe some flowers in the front to replace some of the other ones. The picture of the food is a dinner that Will made one night this week– barbeque sandwiches with homemade bread and potato cut french fries! Will has been cooking a lot lately because I’ve been working on so much school work that’s due in a couple of weeks. Also he’s a really good cook! Tonight he made cheeseburgers with buns that were homemade bread, corn on the cob and fresh squeezed lemonade from real lemons!

This morning we went on a hike at a place called Mount Falcon Trail. We looked at some hikes the night before and decided to do this one because it was the closest- only about 20 minutes away! We could not believe how close we were to this amazing hike. It was so cool to see lots of people out hiking and cycling on a Saturday morning! Also, the hike had some ruins from a man that designed the Red Rock Amphitheater, his own house in the mountains and a summer house for the US presidents. He started building in the early 1900s and never finished due to some things that happened to him personally. Anyway, the ruins are from his house and the foundation of the summer house for the presidents.


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  1. Bob and Opal Phillips

    Dear Lauren and will
    Good Pictures, good food, Yard looks great. You are enjoying Colorado at one of the best times of the year.
    We sent a E- Mail to you . Have you received it ? We are not sure if we have your right E-Mail address.
    We are doing well, Opals knee is pretty well healed, Weather quite hot but this is Kansas.
    With Love
    Grandpa Bob

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