new furniture

This is a rare Will-initiated post, most of what you read begins with Lauren and (maybe sometimes) ends with me saying things so I’m pretty proud of the fact that I am actually taking the initiative to post this.

That being said, we got an old paycheck and ,by extension, new furniture a little while ago and here are some pictures.  I also included a picture of my new bicycle, which has already gotten a good 40 or so miles of use (I rode around a bit more than necessary the last few days) and a not quite up to date picture of my pipe-carving project.  It is the most up to date picture I have and it is close to how the pipe looks now, so it’ll have to do for the time being, more pictures of that will be forthcoming.  So with the furniture:  we got an IRA check from Lauren’s last job at the same time as Lauren’s first paycheck from her new school and so we had enough money to finally get off of the floor and get a bed frame and nightstand and also had enough to get a couch (all from Ikea) so that it didn’t feel like we were in a cavern with a teeny little loveseat when we were in the living room.  We had to cover it with quilts because the dogs got it dirty within an hour of our getting it in the house, but we kind of like the quilts anyway, it feels cozy.  We also found a great old coffee table at a thrift store that had lots of character because the previous owner used it for a workbench in the garage or something along those lines.  Anyway, it is starting to come together here and feel like a home rather than a still unfinished house…  Thanks for looking at the pictures and hope you guys are doing well.



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