Hello all,

We are doing well. Will got a job at a cafe/coffee shop and is really enjoying it. We both have a pretty busy week ahead of us- Will has midterms and I’ve got parent conference things to fill out. We’re really looking forward to Thanksgiving next month- and just having a break!

This past weekend we hung out with friends and then I had International Day for school on Saturday. Each class performed a song from a different country- we did Mexico and the kids wore huge sombrero’s- it was fun!

Here are some recent pictures of a hike near Evergreen we went on last weekend. It definitely had some beautiful views- it’s called Three Sisters. Then the weekend before that I went to  Estes Park for a Montessori conference and it snowed! It was so pretty and crazy! I was pretty much the only one walking around taking pictures!


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  1. Rod

    Beautiful! Wish we were with you. Love you, Dad

  2. Mary

    Love the pictures! The one of Marcel in the sunlight is cool. It makes me happy to see you guys having fun, even though I know you are working hard too. 🙂

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