Hi all,

We are going to try and update more! We’re doing great– just both working and Will goes back to school next week.

We went to Boulder this past weekend with our friends Matt and Stacey (and Bean). It was really fun!

We hiked to a cave but we couldn’t go within 100 feet (we couldn’t even see it) because the bats inside were experiencing “white noise syndrome.”  We could hear them from where we ended up, though, and that was plenty for us.  We stayed in those teeny little cabins in one of the pictures, they were built in the 30’s and they had character and they were inexpensive.  We haven’t been hiking in several months so it was nice to get back out there.  We found out that Copper Mountain (a ski resort up I-70) gives free snowshoeing tours every week so we are planning on doing that sometime soon.








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2 responses to “Boulder

  1. Mary

    Fun pictures! I especially like the one of you and Will. 🙂

  2. Beth

    Looks like fun! Poor Marcel looks like he was up against a pretty big foe. Hope he had a good birthday Tuesday. Thanks for posting more pictures. We sure miss your faces. : )

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