Red Rocks and update


We are really glad we made it to the weekend. This was kind of a difficult week for both of us. I got sick and really couldn’t do much after work at the beginning of the week and got 2 new students at school. Will started school this week and really likes his classes but is a little nervous about a 30-40 page paper he has to write in the next month! He also met with his thesis director and is excited about a potential topic to begin researching.

We had some friends over later in the week to play games and that was really fun– then Thursday and Friday at school were like really amazing and it was so good to be done with the week yesterday! Last night we went to the “dollar” movie theater in town and saw the movie Hugo– it was SO good!

We are excited life group at church has started back up and also that our life group is going to start helping out at “The Well” after church once a month. The Well is a ministry that provides lunch for the community every Sunday after church.

Will is making a table right now outside and I’m working on parent/teacher conferences.. which are next week.

Here are some pictures of the trail at Red Rocks. Hope everyone is doing well!


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  1. Beth

    Looks like fun! I’ve never seen Colorado, but I am amazed at how different it can look from place to place. This looks like desert and the mountains look lush and green. You guys have fun exploring! Love ya.

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