Spring is here (kind of)


We wanted to update and show some art and decorations we finally put up. We are feeling a lot more at home with things on the walls. This past month has been pretty busy, but good. In one week Will flipped over his bike and broke his arm, then a few days later we got a flat tire and later that same day our little Madeline sprained her leg and we took her in to the vet! After that thankfully we had spring break and my parents came to visit. It was fun having a “staycation” in Denver, doing different things around the city and making it to Fort Collins and on a hike one day. It feels kind of sad that we won’t be with family at Easter, but that’s okay. Will has been playing bluegrass with friends and the band is coming to our place for practice Easter night. Then next week they are having a show in a local coffee/bakery which is pretty cool. Here are some pictures of our recent decor around the house and a couple from spring break. Also Will made this little brick patio with a friend and put up some recycled wood on the back fence to give the backyard a more homey feel. Under the wood is concrete, which is not pretty!










The below picture is after Madeline sprained her leg and wasn’t supposed to be walking on it. But she wanted to be around me and would hop over to me so I would hold her. Since I didn’t want her to be on her foot I carried her everywhere but one afternoon I got the idea to put her in Will’s sling so I could actually do stuff.



Fort Collins, Horsetooth Mountain Park


We were standing right in front of a waterfall in this photo.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is doing well!




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6 responses to “Spring is here (kind of)

  1. Mary

    Wow! Love everything you added in just the last couple days. Looks very “springy”! Madeline looks very comfy in the sling too 🙂

  2. bophill@att.net

    Dear Lauren and WiLL:

    I am having problems getting this letter written so hope this will go well. We thought about Will’s Blue Grass practice last night. I am not sure if we have ever heard “Blue Grass”. How many did you have at your house.? Did you serve them something to eat? The pictures in your house look so good. Where did you get all the pictures? Your kitchen color is so pretty—it will be fun to see your house and all the changes. Will is very talented. Hope every thing is going well with Will’s shoulder. We have been praying for him.

    We had a good visit with Paul and Beth and your Mother and Dad. We did play pitch and cribbage with Paul and Beth. But I don’t think we can con- vince your Dad to play games. Our Easter Sunday went very well. We had an Easter Breakfast ( I made some cinnamon rolls) and lots of other good things to eat. Lots of people attended the breakfast and also the service.

    As you can see, I am not doing very well writing this letter—my margins, etc. just aren’t working as I think they should be so I will close not and finish some of the work I started.

    Love you both, Grandma

    Your Grandpa slid on some gravel with his bike while going to work at the University—he was much older then you. I don’t believe he rode again.

  3. Jenny

    I think you two have a good eye for colors! The background color really sets off the artwork.

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