Just wanted to give a little update. Last week we had friends Ryan and Karissa visit to check out Denver and potentially move here. Karissa interviewed at my school and we are hopeful that they will be neighbors soon! We took them hiking, biking and all over the city. Will had finals last week so he is finally done with school for the semester. I have one more week of school with the kids and then I will take a break for the summer as well. We are looking forward to visiting family and having some time off. Here are a few pictures of climbing Lily Mountain with Ryan and Karissa. We tried to do this hike last summer and got off trail so it was really tough. This time we stayed on the trail and expected it to be “easy” like the info online stated. However, it was definitely not easy! There was more than 1,000 ft elevation gain, it snowed on us and was uphill the entire way. The view from the top though was totally worth it, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful views we have ever seen on a hike.


These are some thank you cards I made recently for teacher appreciation week. I love card making when I have the time.


A friend came over and gave me a lesson on gardening. I think I might take a class as well, seems like there is a lot to learn. We are excited to have a place to garden.

Looking forward to the summer!




May 18, 2013 · 6:27 pm

2 responses to “May

  1. Mary

    The maze you made for Oreo looks fun! And so does the field trip:)

  2. Vicki

    Love love love the house!

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