Summer and anniversary


Just a quick update on things. So far this summer has been really busy! I thought I would have to look for things to do since I’m not working, but it hasn’t been the case. The first couple of weeks I subbed quite a bit for summer camp. I hiked Grays peak with some friends, my first 14er hike. What is a 14er? It’s a mountain that’s over 14,000 feet! This hike was supposed to be “easy” and a good start for beginners. It was definitely not easy!!!  However, it was really beautiful and I look forward to more 14ers in the future. We almost made it to the top of the mountain but people started coming down early, saying there was a storm and lightening on the other side. We didn’t really know for sure what we should do but then a dad with his two teenage sons (they looked pretty experienced) came down the mountain past us very quickly and encouraged everyone to do the same. That was kind of a bummer to not be able to get to the top, but better to be safe that high up! We ended the hike with yummy pizza from Beau Joe’s pizza (really good pizza).

Will and I have done a couple of smaller hikes together and plan on going with Paul and Beth this weekend (aunt and uncle) on a longer hike near Colorado Springs. We are looking forward to that.

Other things I’ve been keeping busy with include babysitting a 7 month old for some friends at church, jogging at the park and just spending time with friends. Will has continued playing music in a bluegrass band at local coffee shops and weddings. However one of the members is moving to South Carolina for a job, so they are a bit sad about that.

Well, we celebrated our 4th anniversary yesterday. We haven’t done anything really fun since our 1st anniversary. For our first anniversary we went to downtown McKinney, TX and stayed at a b&b for a night and just hung out in the cute downtown. This time we thought about going away but decided to stay local instead. We went to a French restaurant we’ve been wanting to try out, and then later on went to a jazz/blues club. It was a really fun night. The French restaurant, Le Central, was really amazing and the jazz/blues singer was really good too! We really like the city so it was fun to try new things in Denver. In the process of deciding where to eat we researched and found a bunch of good restaurants in Denver and Boulder so now we have some ready for our next date out.

Here’s some photos from our anniversary, the hiking photos are on facebook. They were taken from my phone, so a little grainy.




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4 responses to “Summer and anniversary

  1. Mary

    Love the anniversary pics. Lauren’s hair is getting longer and Will’s is getting shorter;)

  2. Vicki

    Happy Anniversary! The mountains are so beautiful in Colorado. Bruce and I are at Ft Knox Kentucky seeing Collon off to Afghanistan. He leaves one day next week, Keep Collon in your prayers,

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