Audrey’s Nursery and other news

Hello! I’m sure everyone has seen Audrey’s nursery on facebook by now, but here are the pictures plus some more of us getting the nursery ready!


In other news, Will and I have been trying to go on more dates before Audrey arrives. We went to a fun, dessert restaurant for my birthday. Then we went to the movies for Valentine’s Day (The Lego movie, it was so good) and then last night we went to an Italian restaurant called Patsy’s which has been in Denver since 1921! If you come and visit us, we might have to take you to the Italian restaurant, so good and a cool atmosphere.

I have one more week of school left and I’m just working until noon. Last week I started training my replacement which went well. I will definitely miss the kids in my class and my co-teacher Kenia, but I am excited that I only have one more week! I’m feeling so tired and it’s difficult to be on my feet all day. My belly is so heavy!!

The countdown has begun and we are praying we get to meet Audrey soon!!

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is well!



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  1. That nursery isoooo super cute!!! Beth has our presents for you and baby 🙂 I wish someone would invent a teleporter so we could visit more!


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