First few days with Audrey

Well, we have made it to day 4. Things are going pretty well and they keep getting better. Audrey has been doing the normal newborn things– sleeping, eating and pooping. Anyways, here are a few pictures! My mom has been here now for 2 weeks (my dad was here for one but had to leave) and she leaves in the morning. Will’s family is coming in several days!


Here’s a photo from yesterday when we went on a little walk up the street a couple times. We got to try out the wrap carrier and Audrey enjoyed it. She was a little fussy but the moment we stepped outside she got quiet and fell asleep. It was really awesome to get outside in the sunshine.


Mom spending time with Audrey. She has been a huge help for us and has been cooking and cleaning and much more.


Will and Audrey. He is the best dad already!



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2 responses to “First few days with Audrey

  1. Mary

    I have loved being here before and after Audrey’s birth. It will be a memory I will always treasure. Will and Lauren are already showing themselves to be wonderful parents to Audrey! I love you all three:)

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