Audrey’s Newborn photos and an update









Hello! Well many of you know our latest news about Audrey. She had a heart murmor since birth that we got checked out last week at the cardiologist. It ended up being a significant issue and she will most likely need surgery in the next few months. Last week was really difficult as we got to stay at “Hotel ICU” (one of the nurses called it that while we were there) for almost 4 days while the doctors figured out what should be done. We were so thankful after Audrey had a cardiac catheterization and we found out surgery was  not needed immediately, We were also super impressed with the cardiologists and ICU nurses; wow I don’t know how they do their job every day! Until further notice Audrey is on oxygen at home. We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers for her heart!


A week ago our friend took some photos for us of Audrey. We love how they turned out. We are just so thankful for this adorable bundle of joy…’


March 30, 2014-69



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2 responses to “Audrey’s Newborn photos and an update

  1. Mary

    Love these photos of your precious family! Audrey is a strong little girl and will be showing us all how strong in the days to come.

  2. Vicki

    Glam Baby – love love love the accessories!

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