8 weeks as a parent

Hello! Just a little update since it has been awhile. We are doing pretty good. Audrey’s heart surgery has been moved up to next Tuesday, so we are getting ready for that. This is the first time we are able to prepare for a hospital visit since Audrey has been born so that’s a little better. We are going to bring groceries with us since there will be a fridge at the hospital. My parents are coming for most of the week we will be in the hospital so they are going to help cook and bring us meals so we won’t spend a fortune at the hospital cafe. Will is still going to go to work Wed-Friday but he will stay each night at the hospital with me.

Other than the surgery, we have simply continued learning how to be parents and enjoying Audrey for the past couple of weeks. Shortly after we got back from the ICU Audrey was having an upset stomach and then fever. We ended up having to go back to the hospital for her fever (it’s a big deal at such a young age) and endure people poking and prodding our little baby once more. The upset stomach was due to a cow’s milk allergy and the fever was a short virus. While at the hospital I had a breakdown with one of the residents taking care of Audrey. She was a super kind lady that asked me how I was doing and empathized that our journey into parenthood so far has been nothing that we expected. She encouraged me to take care of myself and make sure I was getting out ans spending time with friends once in awhile. I’m so thankful for her sweet pep talk and honesty with me. Before she left, with tears in HER eyes, she told me I was a wonderful mom and doing an amazing job. I thought afterwards, well maybe that’s why we are here in the hospital, for me to have that conversation with her.

So before we left the hospital I began cutting out dairy products in my diet and Will and I asked God if we could please have a season of just being able to enjoy Audrey and being parents. So the past couple weeks have been just that. Here are some recent pictures!

Oh and p.s., I have to brag on Will. He has been working, going to school then coming home and cooking dinner every night, doing homework, helping me with Audrey, changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom etc. etc. He is amazing and yeah just amazing. Okay here are the pictures!


My mom saying bye to Audrey after a weekend visit



Will doing homework and spending time with Audrey.


a good napper!



Happy girl! Especially in the morning.


Enjoying her play mat, thanks Aunt Vicki !!


getting ready for bath time…precious baby!


Just started using the stroller for walks as well as the wraps. She falls asleep pretty quick in both.



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6 responses to “8 weeks as a parent

  1. KIm Bowen

    Lauren and Will, You have come to the season of life for a reason and I know God will show you why and how HE plans on you using this time to share the love of God with others, as you grow as parents to sweet and beautiful Audrey. Praying.,,,. I know HE will also use this time to glorify HIS name …….I love you,,,

    • Thank you so much Kim! We hope that God will use us and our story to encourage and comfort others too…even at the hospital. Thank you for all your praying and encouragement. Love you too.

  2. Cecile Bracke

    I love reading about your precious family and seeing the photo’s. It puts a smile on my face and makes my heart happy!
    I know I tell you over and over but she is a beauty! I can’t wait to hold her and give her loves!!! She is so special to me and holds a special place in my heart!
    I love you all so very much!

  3. Jenny

    Great pictures, and so glad to hear you have had a little “normal” time with Audrey! I’m sure you are anxious to get this next few days over and put this surgery behind all of you. You have many people in your corner and I hope that you can feel that this next week. With thoughts and prayers,
    Jenny and Tom

    • Thank you so much Jenny and Tom. Yes we are definitely ready for this to be over and hoping there won’t be a need for any other surgeries. Love to you all!

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