Praying for Audrey

Hello! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, Will and I are so grateful for all that are praying for our sweet Audrey.

We had a pre-op visit today at the hospital and learned exactly the schedule for tomorrow, the day of surgery. We learned that Audrey will go with the doctors at 7:30 mountain time (8:30 southern time). The anesthesiologists will put her to sleep first. We spoke with one the anesthesiologists this morning and she said they try to make it as comfortable as possible by lowering the lights and singing to the babies as they fall asleep.

After she is asleep she will get IV’s in her arm and neck. She will also have a tube under her heart to drain anything just in case it’s needed. Finally she will have a breathing tube put through her mouth or nose. They will begin the surgery then put her on the heart and lung machine. Instead of a left pulmonary artery she has a collateral artery that’s connected to her aorta. They will take that collateral artery and graft a donor vessel then connect to the main pulmonary artery. The surgeon’s nurse said that her sternum is like cartilage right now so it’s not really like breaking her bones. She said babies are very bendy and flexible. After the surgery the surgeon will suture the sternum back together.

The whole surgery will be about 4-5 hours. An ICU nurse that we met today will come out every hour to give us an update. When we see Audrey she will probably either still be asleep or waking up. She will still have most of her tubes. We aren’t sure when she can eat again, it depends on how she’s doing. She will be on IV fluids until she can eat. She will probably be able to eat by later tomorrow or early Wednesday. When she is able to eat it will probably be with a bottle at first. She will remain on her ICU bed for a day or 2 until she gets better and can have all the tubes and IVs removed.

We will be in ICU approximately 2-3 days then move to the cardiac progressive unit for 3-4 days. Once in the cardiac progressive unit Audrey will only have one IV and I think low dose of oxygen.

Specific prayer needs include:

-Surgery will go well, no complications or infections

-That Audrey will be 100% healthy (she has had a bit of an upset tummy the past day)

-That she won’t have any reflux of fluids during surgery which can cause pneumonia

-For the time when she’s awake on her bed but we can’t hold her and maybe not breastfeed

-For all of tomorrow—the surgery and afterwards. One of the doctors said it will be kind of hectic because once she’s in her ICU room there will be nurses and doctors coming in and out all day and during the night.

-For us to stay strong and be able to be there for Audrey even when it’s hard to see her all bandaged up with tubes.

-For this to be the only surgery she needs, that she will be healed and not have to do anything like this again!

Thank you so much again for your support and prayers. We will try to update on here this week during our hospital stay.




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8 responses to “Praying for Audrey

  1. Praying for Audrey’s surgery and your comfort this morning.

  2. Kathleen Leahy

    Prayers for all of your requests and additional blessings at this time. Good job processing everything like you it helped me to document and write with Gwyn and my last pregnancy. So much was out of our control and it really helped me to interpret everything during my quiet times especially when everything is so hectic. I look forward to the time in the near future when you can share this sweet angels story of success with others. You are such a good mom already Lauren.

    • Thank you so much Kathleen for your encouraging words and prayers! It’s always encouraging to hear other parent’s stories of overcoming scary difficulties with their kids too. You are so sweet, thank you 🙂

  3. Tamara Latchem

    Lauren, you, Will, and sweet Audrey are on my mind and heart today. Julia and I are in the classroom together and we are both praying for a safe surgery and a very quick, strong recovery for Audrey.

    • Aw Tamara, thank you guys so much. That means so much and very encouraging. Thank you guys SO much for your prayers and thoughts 🙂 love and hugs…

  4. We are praying for you all! I remember my baby going through it all 8 years ago….they had to leave his sternum open a day actually after the surgery just in case there were any issues, so I actually could see his heart beating! But remember how it was amazing how quickly a baby can recover from such an ordeal. Every day there were less tubes, and then so precious to hold him again….Try to get some rest while she is in ICU and being taken good care of by the nurses and doctors! We are praying and believing with you for no complications and a quick recovery!

    • Hi Dawn,
      Sorry this is a late reply .I just wanted to say thank you so much for praying for Audrey and for this sweet message. I’m sorry you guys had to go through something similar with your baby. Thank you guys.

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