New Update

This is Will, we are having a good day so far.  We are tired but all very happy with how Audrey is doing.  She has been off the ventilator for 16 hours or so and has been doing wonderfully breathing on her own.  They are starting to wean her off of some of the medications including the diuretic (to cleanse some of the extra fluids from the operation) and the blood pressure medicine.  Her blood pressure was elevated due to the surgery (which is normal) and she has been slowly moving back towards normal.  We are working on getting Audrey back to eating normally, she has started to eat a little more which is very encouraging.  The doctors spoke with us this morning (they call them rounds) and said she is doing wonderfully, her recovery is going very well and she will hopefully be transferred to progressive care tomorrow morning.  I am thinking that is all the update we have for right now, if I am wrong we will put anything I forgot on the next update.  Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement,




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