Dallas Family Weekend

We just got back from a fun filled weekend in Dallas. Audrey had her first airplane ride which went great. The flight is only an hour and a half from Denver to Dallas so that helps. We saw tons of family who were excited to see Audrey again or meet her for the first time. Here is a photographic journey of our trip! Oh and the pictures are not in order. The other baby is my second cousin Stephanie’s little Mason. He was born 2 days after Audrey at over 9 pounds (I think 9.5?) and now they weigh the same and are about the same height! They were so cute together until Audrey wanted to snack on his arm and he wasn’t cool with that! We visited my Grandad in the nursing home and that was really special. He was all smiles for Audrey. Audrey also got to meet two of her great grandmothers, my aunt Cecile, uncle Greg, cousin Weston (for a min!) and Morgan, Great uncle Jim, Great aunt Virginia, second cousins John, Theresa, Chip, Stephanie and my aunt’s friend LaDonna for the first time. Plus the rest of the family Audrey has already met….so thank you for everyone who got to come meet and hang out with Audrey!! It really meant a lot to us for all the family who got to see us this weekend. It’s hard being away from family in Denver so…this was an awesome homecoming.

194 201 209 216 219 223 231 236 237 250 251 auntie beth bluh chi ciles cous gkiss greg gsmiles helloj hib hiv IMG_1147 IMG_1150 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 judah jumpup mimii msmiles pool poolside rug side swim vlaugh



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4 responses to “Dallas Family Weekend

  1. Mary

    Love love all the pictures with aunties, cousins, great-grandparents and grandparents with Audrey and just everyone!! So much fun.

  2. Nana Beth

    It was such a joyful visit and it shows in the wonderful pictures you posted. We had a blast at Cecile and Greg’s and enjoyed getting to know them better. I am so thankful for you and your family and for precious Audrey. God is so good.

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