birthdays, pumpkins and avocados, oh my!

Much needed update! Well in the past couple of months, I started working, Will went back to “school” (just one class this semester) and we’ve had the normal church/friends/life busyness. My job is going fine. I’m a nanny for a baby girl 3 months younger than Audrey. Audrey and I go to baby Olive’s house Tuesday-Thursday each week for most of the day. It’s a full 3 days and we don’t plan much else on those days but when they are done Audrey and I have 4 days of weekend. I’m thankful to have this schedule. I do get a little restless though taking care of babies. I’d like to do something else with my life but I don’t know how because Audrey is still very dependent on me right now. I’ve recently looked into volunteering with Catholic Charities so hopefully something will work out for a couple hours a week. I don’t know what I’m going to “do” with my life! I just want to encourage people or help them, I just don’t know how. It can be very frustrating!

Will is enjoying his job restoring antique furniture but he is looking into teaching opportunities. One of his professors has offered for Will to teach a class so that’s a plus. Will is going to try and start substitute teaching at Colorado Christian University next semester and hopefully make some connections there. We have also just started the process of selling our house. Our neighbor and friend is a realtor and came by last week to give us some ideas on how to get our house ready. We have been up in the air about whether we will stay here in Denver or move back to Texas or somewhere else but both Will and I feel that Denver makes the most sense still. We have our church community, friends and we love the city and the mountains. We’re hoping once we sell our house to find a good deal on a place with at least 3 bedrooms so people can come and visit more comfortably. We’d also like to foster children and eventually adopt. We’ve also talked with our friends Ryan and Karissa about buying a duplex or large home together and sharing it. So, there are a lot of options, we’ll see what happens.

We started having a home group through our church every Sunday night. It’s going well! There’s about 12 of us that meet up at someone’s house and we do a potluck dinner and hang out. So far we’ve just each shared our life story and when everyone is finished we will decide what we want to talk about next. It’s really nice to have Sunday dinners with this group of people every week, it’s beginning to feel like family.

Some of our closest friends, Matt and Stacey, recently decided they will probably move closer to their family in the next few months. We are pretty bummed about that because they are like family to us, but I guess you have to get used to people moving often in a transient city.

Here are a few recent photos of Will’s birthday and random ones. Will’s birthday was last month and I surprised him with tickets to the Denver historic homes tour (he likes old houses) and a date night to a new restaurant. Our friends babysat Audrey and it was the first time she has stayed with anyone other than my mom. She did well for the first hour and then got fussy. I think she may have gotten a little scared. Then we had celebration cake on Will’s actual birthday at our home group. Anyway, Audrey has been doing well. She is eating solid foods now about twice a day and her favorites include avocados, bananas and green beans. Anytime WIll or I drink from a cup Audrey wants to try and take a sip which is pretty cute. She’s working on crawling, she’s very active and curious. She’s still pretty happy but a little more fussy lately because I think she’s having some teething pain. She already has two bottom teeth. Oh and she’s “talking” a lot more. She says “bababa, dadada, heeeeyyy” among other things! Okay here’s the pictures.

20140901_094515 20140913_151957 20140913_154317 20140913_162356 20140913_195039 20140914_180516

001 006 012 016Audrey 7 months 005 Audrey 7 months 021-001 Audrey 7 months 023 Audreypumpkinpatch14 exploringpunkin ff5 ff10

Okay these pictures are mixed up! Audrey is 6 months in the picture with the red striped tee, and she turned 7 months in the grey sweatshirt/pink pants outfit. Time flies! We’ve had a beautiful Fall season, as you can see from the photos. We are very thankful for our little family 🙂


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