War Room

Well I just saw the movie, The War Room and had to write about it. I know Christian movies can sometimes not be so good and even corny. However, this one was super good.

How is your prayer life? That is the question asked from the movie. My own personal prayer life has been spotty and inconsistent. I strive with structure in every area of my life so I’ve always done best spending time with God when I have a guideline such as a Bible Study, class or accountability group. Since having Audrey, it’s been really hard for me to make consistent time with God. When she’s asleep I just want to watch t.v. or go run to Target. When I was in high school and college I had a journal that I would regularly use for prayers and notes from my current Bible study. I basically have just been praying when I remember but definitely very rarely for others.

I’m constantly distracted by my phone, the tablet or t.v. I’m almost always online. It’s so annoying. When I saw this movie, I was so inspired and convicted (but a good conviction). In the movie the main character has a prayer room in a closet where she prays and journals.

Before Will and I married I lived with a bunch of girls in a fancy townhouse with tons of walk-in closets. There was one closet under the stairs that we decided to use as a prayer room. Everyone put different items in there to make it cozy. We spent so much time in the individually and sometimes in pairs talking, praying and journaling. Right after Will and I married I tried to use half of one our coat closets to pray but it was really squished and full so I didn’t use it that much. Our other houses didn’t have walk-in closets so I just couldn’t do the prayer room thing.

Well currently the house we are living has lots of walk-in closets. After the movie, I drove straight to the store to get a rug, some cozy throw pillows and a couple soy pumpkin scented candles. It’s super cozy and inviting. The best thing about it? There’s just enough room for one person, the pillows, candles and a journal/Bible. No room for phones, computers or tablets! You have no idea how helpful this is…. to be solely focused on praying and listening to God without the distractions of modern technology.

Make a prayer closet!!


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