choose joy

When life doesn’t go the way you expected, choose joy. This is something we have been learning as a family for a long time.

We find ourselves moving once again, this time just down the street with my parents. We moved to Waco last fall, trusting that God was leading us here to have rest and healing after a traumatic year in Denver with open heart surgeries, lots of stays at the Children’s hospital, saying goodbye to many good friends as they moved away and being so far away from family. We were so thankful that God provided us money and a place to go to just rest. We soon found a rental house and Will got a good job with Magnolia Market, we started making a few friends. We’ve been trying to make Waco home but we just don’t feel like it’s home forever. Anyway, Will was promoted to management after only working for a month and we have insurance and we see my parents almost daily.

Since we moved to our rental house, there has been a dog next door that barks incessantly when his owner is gone and sometimes over night! We’ve asked the owner three times to please do something about it and, while it seems she’s given a small effort, it just didn’t get better. Meanwhile my parents said we could stay with them and rent a couple rooms over the summer. So we decided to do it. It helps during this transition of figuring out life and what’s next. When I see other people’s lives and how settled they are, I feel so far from that place. It’s so strange to meet people and make friends when they ask what we are doing here etc, we are like “uh we don’t know”. At the same time we feel God has us here and is working in ways we don’t know. We still feel like we will move back to Denver in time, we just don’t know when.

So, we tried to settle here and it just hasn’t worked out yet. We are hoping and praying for some direction over the summer. Meanwhile, we’ve both received times of healing prayer and counseling for me. We have met some cool people and have had so many moments of joy and life.

So I was going to share once we were settled and life was perfect and sunny, but is life ever like that? I keep thinking one day we will get there but now I’m wondering if we just need to go with this and be present in each day. So, today we are choosing joy and laughter in this strange event of moving again back in with my parents. We are excited about what’s to come. Here’s some fun pictures from this past Easter weekend that I feel are really representative of our life right now😊



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3 responses to “choose joy

  1. Chase

    Lauren – definitely a lot of craziness going on now. Some people hide it deep below the surface, but it’s there. There’s a lot of uncertainty in our lives, as well, even though we have the kids, dog, house in the suburbs thing down. And the distance from family weighs on us constantly. Please know you and Will can always come talk to Katie and me. I won’t know the answers to your questions, but I know the One who knows the answers … and He is never late. Much love, Chase

  2. Brittany Gubser

    Lauren, it’s great to “catch up” with you all through your blog. Thank you so much for sharing with such honesty and vulnerability. What blessings you have in Will’s job (Congrats! And wow!), your beautiful and growing daughter, and the opportunity to be with family. Choosing joy is so so hard sometimes, but something Grant and I have to tell ourselves all the time is that it is through struggle that we grow the most. So I’ll be excited to read in the future of what work you see and experience the Lord doing in and through you guys. I once heard someone say, if you think someone else’s grass is greener…water the grass where you’re standing. So, I encourage you to keep on keeping on, right where you are. Be intentional with what you have and where you are today. Much love to you all!

    • Thanks Brittany! We do have so much to be thankful for…for sure! Thanks for sharing, we have definitely learned so much these past couple years! Hope you guys are doing well, love to you guys!

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