Audrey’s baptism

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Well these pictures are out of order, but that’s okay. Audrey was baptized today at our church, Church of the Advent. It was a really special ceremony. My parents came and my cousin Collon and his wife Alex. Our friends Matt and Stacey are Audrey’s godparents and they got her this beautiful handkerchief with her name, the date and a cross. It’s so pretty, I plan on framing it and then when Audrey gets married one day she can use it on her bouquet! Anyways, our friends Karissa and Ryan were also part of the ceremony as witnesses. It was really neat. Audrey did great and was very happy and peaceful!


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Audrey is 5 months old!

Audrey just turned 5 months this past week~ here are some photos of her cuteness!

5 months 001 5 months 006 5 months 007 5 months 008 5 months 009 5 months 010 5 months 011 5 months 014 5 months 017 5 months 018 5 months 019

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Dallas Family Weekend

We just got back from a fun filled weekend in Dallas. Audrey had her first airplane ride which went great. The flight is only an hour and a half from Denver to Dallas so that helps. We saw tons of family who were excited to see Audrey again or meet her for the first time. Here is a photographic journey of our trip! Oh and the pictures are not in order. The other baby is my second cousin Stephanie’s little Mason. He was born 2 days after Audrey at over 9 pounds (I think 9.5?) and now they weigh the same and are about the same height! They were so cute together until Audrey wanted to snack on his arm and he wasn’t cool with that! We visited my Grandad in the nursing home and that was really special. He was all smiles for Audrey. Audrey also got to meet two of her great grandmothers, my aunt Cecile, uncle Greg, cousin Weston (for a min!) and Morgan, Great uncle Jim, Great aunt Virginia, second cousins John, Theresa, Chip, Stephanie and my aunt’s friend LaDonna for the first time. Plus the rest of the family Audrey has already met….so thank you for everyone who got to come meet and hang out with Audrey!! It really meant a lot to us for all the family who got to see us this weekend. It’s hard being away from family in Denver so…this was an awesome homecoming.

194 201 209 216 219 223 231 236 237 250 251 auntie beth bluh chi ciles cous gkiss greg gsmiles helloj hib hiv IMG_1147 IMG_1150 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 judah jumpup mimii msmiles pool poolside rug side swim vlaugh


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Audrey’s first swim

Our friend Kelsey invited us over for a swim! We just introduced Audrey to the water and dipped her in for a few minutes. I think she was interested even though the water was kind of cold. She was also a bit tired as you can see from the dazed look on her face!

first swim 027 first swim 036 first swim 049 first swim 058 first swim 060 first swim 061 first swim 064

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Audrey is 4 months!

4 months! 037

4 months! 034

4 months! 032

4 months! 030

4 months! 026

4 months! 021

4 months! 019

4 months! 017

4 months! 016

4 months! 014

4 months! 009

4 months! 004

4 months pretty girl


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summer happenings

Just a quick update on how our summer is going! We are doing well. It has just started getting really hot here in Denver so I (Lauren) have been trying to go on walks in the morning or later in the day with Audrey. I’m still home with her and we are having fun, playing, reading, walking, going for walks and play dates with friends. I am looking for a part-time job right now, preferably one that allows me to bring Audrey. I have been interviewing for a few nanny jobs and just last week I found a potential fit but I’m not positive yet.

Will has been working a lot, finishing up school and doing some cool things with our church. He is co-teaching with another guy a 5 week class on the book of Revelation and Art. The class just started last week and I think will be meeting at our house once a week. Will is also continuing to work on becoming a deacon in the Anglican church.

We are looking forward to seeing family in Dallas for a weekend! Audrey hasn’t met one set of my grandparents or any of my aunts and uncles and some cousins in Texas and Will’s grandparents and Aunt and cousin and brother and sister in law. We won’t see everyone but Audrey will get to meet two more sets of great-grandparents and my aunt and uncle and maybe more! And of course we will see both Will and I’s parents. We found really cheap tickets to Dallas from Denver so we got them on a whim! That’s definitely the hardest part of living in Denver… being so far from family!

Audrey’s recovery has gone really well. The first 2 weeks post surgery were the worst but things got slowly better. Once I took gluten out of my diet about a month ago, she stopped throwing up completely! She has an angioplasty scheduled August 15 but we are told she will only need to stay at the hospital for 24 hours. Then that same weekend she is getting baptized at our church.. so we are looking forward to that! We are really hoping and praying the angioplasty is all Audrey needs and that she won’t need any other procedures or surgeries.

Audrey is growing and continues to be so sweet, calm and amazing. She has started to roll over a little (just on one side) and just this morning she sat up a few times for a few seconds! She likes her play mat and playing with toys, she loves her Sophie Giraffe and her plastic rings to chew on, she loves being outside and going for walks and she loves smiling and giggling. She also seems comfortable with other people holding her which I guess is a plus! We love her so much! I’m trying to withhold putting up new pictures on facebook every day… but it’s hard because she’s just so cute!

sitting!sittingup!audrey summer 002086 022 IMG_3727 AudreyLauren



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Holding her head high….and other news

We have been more intentional about tummy time lately and tonight Audrey, with the help of the boppy, held her head up nice and strong. She sleeps on my chest a lot anyway so maybe her head was already strong but we are so excited nonetheless!

It has been 3 weeks post surgery and Audrey is doing great. We had a pretty rough time the first two weeks after surgery but once we realized her reflux was the main issue she got the right medication and is eating well, keeping things down pretty well and generally a really happy baby.

The next phase will be an angioplasty in 2 months. There is a chance she might need another surgery but it wouldn’t be as serious. until then we are excited about just enjoying having an awesome baby.

Audrey is really showing her personality these days. She is such a bundle of joy, cuteness and preciousness. Here are some recent pictures.








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